Are you finally ready to fulfill your true calling by becoming a coach, or are you holding yourself back with self-doubt and fear? In this week's episode, I want to show you why now is your time to become a coach.

Hi, this is Grant Herbert, Emotional Intelligence Speaker and Trainer of the Year and Master Coach Trainer, and today, I want to continue our conversation around becoming a coach by helping you to realise that now more than ever, this is the right time for you to become a coach. Our fast-paced world has changed forever. Uncertainty reigns supreme, and way too many people right across the globe are suffering from higher levels of fear, anxiety, and stress. We need more coaches like you who can help them to navigate through these new normal, through these situations, and help them to come out the other side. There's no need for you to have doubts and fears around whether or not this is the right thing for you to do, because I'm going to help you and show you the three reasons why this is the right time for you. And as we continue in our next episodes and beyond, I'm going to help you to know exactly the first steps to take. So, let me lay out the three reasons why I believe that this is the time for you to become a coach.

Asking for help is an acceptable thing. These days, it's becoming the new normal. Conversations that people have on social media. The ability to be able to just speak it as it is from your heart and let people know where you're at across the world has really made this something that's not hidden anymore. People speak their mind. People ask for help. People let others know, sometimes inappropriately, what's going on for them through things like social media. People speak out against things that they don't feel are right in the world, more so because now they have a platform to do that. Because people do this, they're more open to having a coach who can help them to navigate this landscape that they currently find themselves in. So, that's the first reason. People are there waiting right now to get some help.

The second reason I believe that this is the right time for you to become a coach, for more people who have that desire like you do to help others get involved rather than delay and wait until you feel like you're ready. Online is the new way of doing communication. People have been forced in some instances through lockdowns and through the changed environment to get on and speak to people via camera every single day, whether that be in the workplace or just staying in touch with family. This is now normal for people. You get on social media and you see way more people getting that phone up in front of them and doing a live and talking to people about their day and expressing their views on things and asking for help and giving their level of expertise around how they've navigated through particular challenges. This means that you can have a bigger reach. I remember in October last year where I would normally be running an event in various places around the world, our Emotional Intelligence Summit, I actually did that online. And what it did, it allowed me to cover more people. It allowed me to have a wider reach and there were little barriers, if any, to entry. People could click in and join me via their phone, their computer. So, because of this online space being so familiar to people now, beginning your journey as a coach, both in getting some help yourself and some training, and then conducting your coaching with other people, can be done without a barrier to entry. So, that's the second reason.

The third reason, and one I believe is what holds a lot of people back from fulfilling what's on their heart and becoming a coach, is that even if you are still currently in a job in your career, running a business, you don't need to give all that up to become a coach. You can start your coaching on the side and then transition as your income grows. There's also minimal investment, both in your finances and in your time, to get yourself started and get out there and become a coach. You can do your training online, self-paced. You don't have to wait for some course to start. It's like the programs that we run, I've designed them so that people can get in where they need to and take as little or as long as they need to, to go through the information, and to then implement that into their coaching practice. So, there's three reasons why I know that now more than ever, this is the right time for people like you to get involved and become a coach. No longer do you need to hold yourself back and go, "Yeah, one day, that's something that I'll do, when I know enough, when I'm good enough". All those things are false beliefs. All those things aren't really going to hold you back, unless you decide that they will.

You can become a coach. You have what it takes. You have everything within you and around you to make that happen this year to get started right now, and I want to help you. So, hopefully those three key reasons that I've just unpacked for you has sparked something in you to go, "Yeah, he's right. Let's get into this." And if that's the case, continue to join me. Make sure that you subscribe to the channel, that you hit the bell so that you know when I go live again, and in those show notes, I've given you other opportunities to get some free resources for you to check out even further what it means to become a coach and how you could do that right now. But, make a decision. Allow yourself to become a coach and to not only help others, but to grow in your own personal development and to feel fulfilled that what it is that's bubbling up inside you actually gets to come out and make a big impact in the world. Well, that's it from me for another week. Join me again next week, as we continue this conversation around becoming a coach where I actually am going to give you some of the first step on how to start your own coaching practice. I'll see you then.

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