Rinse and Repeat

Are you a little disappointed about the results that you've achieved in the first month of the year, or are you fired up, on track, and heading towards your end of year goals? Hi, this is Grant Herbert, Emotional Intelligence Speaker and Trainer of the Year and Sustainable Performance Coach, and this week I want to continue our conversation around making sure that we become who we need to become, do what we need to do to get the results that we want to have at a 2021 by taking you through a rinse and repeat.

So leading up to the end of last year and all through January, what we did was we got ourselves ready to be able to take massive action. We cleared the decks. We got rid of some limiting and false beliefs. We got more confident in ourselves. We developed our personal power. We then went into a planning process where we looked at what the results were that we wanted at the end of the year, how that looks different now, and the gap that that created. We went deeper into having a look at what the roadblocks were that were actually holding us back from getting the results. And then we talked about some resources that we could add to be able to overcome those roadblocks and get there. Last week and the week before we talked about our New Year's resolution and doing a resolution rescue, taking that New Year's resolution and going beyond it being something that was good to talk about as the clock struck midnight on the 31st of December and putting it into purposeful action as part of the bigger picture of what it is that we wanted to achieve.

So now as we finish January and we get ready to move into February and the next month of the year, what I wanted to do was just take us through a similar process again so that we can start February with all the things together that we've already learned. Now, by the way, if you haven't had the advantage of going through any of those, go back and go through the last six episodes and it will help you to get on track and up to where we are right now. But for those of you who are already been on the journey, let's get started.

It's like when you go and get your hair done at the hairdresser's. My kids laugh, and they think there's no reason for me to do that these days because they go, "What hair?" But anyway, you go there and one of the things for me that I really love about it is when they wash your hair and they give you the scalp massage, and it's a really great restful experience. But what they do is they apply some water and then they get some of the shampoo in there and they get in and clean all your hair and your scalp and rub it, and then they rinse it off and then they do it again. They rinse it and then they repeat. So, the end result is that you have really clean hair and then they do the conditioning afterwards and you're ready to get your haircut. Well, it's a little bit like that in the process I want to take you through right now. A lot of times people that I work with, my clients working one-on-one, they go, "Okay, so I've got that result now, what do I do to get it again?" And all we need to do is rinse and repeat. The same principles you used in January and you were perfecting in January and making them your new normal. We just use those same skills going through into the next month.

So, how do we do that? We now look at February the same way we did as the whole year, the same way we then reverse-engineered and looked at January and we go, "Okay, so what are the results that I want at the end of February?" So, it might be in a particular area of your life. It could be your health. It could be your personal development. It could be in your practice, in your business, just whatever it is. So, we go through those same processes in the different areas of our life. So, Where do I want to be at the end of February? And then come back again and go, "Well, where am I now?" And reconcile that, looking at it, using forward focused reflection and go, "Okay, so I'm here now. I want to get there. What do I need to do to get there?" We then continue to use the same process of going, "Well, are there any roadblocks that still need to be overcome that are going to stop me from getting from here to here, and what am I going to add? What are the resources that I'm going to put in this month?"

Now, it might sound like I'm just repurposing everything I've already taught you. However, that's what we do. It's not a skill that we use just once a year. It's not a process that we're just use going into a New Year. We use this process all the time. Now, once again, we must remember to do forward focused reflections. So we reflect on the month that's just past, and we look at, "Well, what went well? What were my wins, and what did those wins teach me? What things did I add, do differently, learn that I can take forward and do again and get a similar result?"

The second thing is you want to have a look at, "Well, what didn't I get done? What didn't I achieve? What didn't go as well as I wanted it to? What could I do differently moving forward?" So, we have a look at that again, a quick look in the rear-vision mirror, keeping focus on where we're going and reconcile the things that didn't go well. What lessons did that teach me? What did I learn to do differently moving forward?

So, we've done that reflection. So, we've rinsed, so to speak, what we've previously done, what we were doing up until now. And then we just apply those same principles for the things that need to get done right now. Keeping it in mind with a big picture, looking at the wind screen in front of the car, not stuck on the rear-vision mirror, we go, "Okay. So, this is where I said I wanted to be at the end of the year. So at the end of February, I need to be here to be able to get that done." As I said, it's not rocket science. It's not something that I'm giving you that's new. However, what a lot of times happens is people get into January and they do all the stuff in January, and then they just forget about it and they move forward into February and go back to the behaviours that they were doing before.

Where are you right now? What is your current reality on those things that you want? What's the gap between there and where you want to go? And what can you do differently moving forward into your February to get the results that you want? Well, that's it from me for another week. Join me again next week, when we continue the conversation and look at how we can become who it is that we need to become to get the results that we want. Remember, being precedes the doing. So, Hey, if you've got something out of this, that's fantastic. Why not share it with your friends? Why not share it with your colleagues? And by the way, if you need some support in being able to go through that process, if you're stuck, then make sure you drop me a note and we'll see what we can do to help you to go to that next level, to take that next step, to move the needle just that little bit further forward in February so that you can get to the end of the year and go, "Hey, I became who I wanted to become. I achieved what I wanted to achieve." I'll see you next week.

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